DSA notice and action mechanisms

Stay compliant with Digital Services Act - 2020/0361 (COD)

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What's inside

Add notice mechanisms to your online platform

Save time developing them inhouse and staying up-to-date with regulatory requirements


Add our script to your Web service and a "Report abuse" button

React on reports

Follow 2020/0361 (COD) Article 14 recomendations of handling user notices ("Reports")

Be transparent

Prepare reports for Digital Services Coordinators according to 2020/0361 (COD) Article 13


What's a DSA notice?

"Providers of hosting services shall put mechanisms in place to allow any individual or entity to notify them of the presence on their service of specific items of information that the individual or entity considers to be illegal content. Those mechanisms shall be easy to access, user-friendly, and allow for the submission of notices exclusively by electronic means." - Article 14


Transparency reporting obligations

Providers of intermediary services shall publish, at least once a year, clear, easily comprehensible and detailed reports on any content moderation they engaged in during the relevant period. ... the number of notices submitted in accordance with Article 14, categorised by the type of alleged illegal content concerned" - Article 13

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"online platform" means a provider of a hosting service which, at the request of a recipient of the service, stores and disseminates to the public information, unless that activity is a minor and purely ancillary feature of another service and, for objective and technical reasons cannot be used without that other service, and the integration of the feature into the other service is not a means to circumvent the applicability of the Regulation.

The DSA will be directly applicable across the EU and will apply fifteen months or from 1 January 2024 More info

This is requirement shall not apply to providers of intermediary services that qualify as micro or small enterprises within the meaning of the Annex to Recommendation 2003/361/EC.

We will customize the report/notie button for your according to your requirements.



10'000 notices without expiration period

1 domain per account



200 notices per month

5 domains per account

0.05 $ per extra notification



1000 notices per month

10 domains per account

0.03 $ per extra notification



10000 notices per month

unlimited domains per account

0.01 $ per extra notification